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Trail Descriptions

The Trails at Seneca State Forest

Allegheny Trail – 8-1/2 miles
Yellow. Blazed with a square.
Enters Seneca on Thomas Mountain Road near Sitlington, traverses the length of the forest and exits on Thorny Creek Mountain. Access from Sitlington Road, Laurel Run Road and Cabin Road.

Black Oak Trail – 1-1/4 miles
Red. Blazed with a circle.
From north end of Loop Road to Clover Lick Road.

Crestline Trail. – 2 miles
White. Blazed with a triangle.
From end of Michael Mountain Road along crest of Michael Mountain.  Highest point of Seneca State Forest.  No biking permitted.

Fire Tower Trail. – ¾ miles
Orange. Blazed with a square.
From Fire Observation Tower to Seneca Lake. Steep grade.  No biking permitted.

Great Laurel Trail - ½ mile
Blue. Blazed with a triangle.
Connect Hill Top Trail to campground at campsite #8.

Greenbrier River Trail – Follows Greenbrier River and parallels Seneca State Forest of several miles.  Gentle gradient is ideal for hiking, bicycling, skiing and horseback riding.  For more information contact Forest Headquarters. 

Hill Top Trail – 1-1/2 miles
Yellow. Blazed with a square.
From Cabin Road near Forest Headquarters, across Loop Road to Thorny Creek Trail.

Horseshoe Trail – 1-1/4 miles
Green. Blazed with a circle.
A circular trail which departs the campground near campsite #9 and ends near campsite #8.  No biking permitted.

Little Jim Trail – 1 mile
Blue. Blazed with a square.
Trail starts at State Route 28 and intersect  with the Rich Patch Loop Trail at the base of Michael Mountain.

Little Mountain Trail – 1 mile
Green. Blazed with a triangle.
From Cabin Road near Forest Headquarters to Thorny Creek Trail.

Rich Patch Loop – 3.2 miles
Orange. Blazed with a circle.
A loop trail that begins from a trailhead parking area on Michael Mountain Road approximately ¾ mile off State Route 28.

Thorny Creek Trail - 6 miles
Blue. Blazed with a circle.
A circular trail which follows Little Thorny Creek from its headwaters on Loop Road to the point where it leaves Seneca below the lake.  The trail then leaves the stream, climbs Little Mountain and meets the southern terminus of Loop Road.  Note: Several stream crossings.

Scarlet Oak Trail – ½ mile
Red. Blazed with a square.
From the southern end of Loop Road to Cabin Road ½ miles from Forest Headquarters. No biking permitted.

The Roads at Seneca State Forest

The following roads are note maintained.  Foot and bicycle travel is welcome, but vehicle travel may be hazardous or restricted.

Big Mountain Road – 1 mile
Follows Thorny Creek Mountain south from Cabin Road to forest boundary 

Big Run Road – 2-1/4 miles
From Thomas Mountain Road to Greenbrier River.

Clover Lick Road – 2 miles
From Cabin Road to the village of Clover Lick on Greenbrier River.

Loop Road – 3-1/2 miles
Follows ridges surrounding lake. Provided access to several trails, a shelter and a fire tower.

McCutcheon Road/Trail - .5 mile
Connects Allegheny Trail with Big Mountain Road, the main forest road.

Michael Mountain Road - 2 miles
From picnic area to top of Michael Mountain.

Thomas Mountain Road - 2-1/2 miles
From Laurel Run Road to Sitlington Road.


All hiking trails and roads may be used for cross-country skiing.

Blaze orange clothing is recommended for hiking during hunting seasons (October – February).

Wear proper clothing and footwear when hiking and enjoying the outdoors.  Hiking boots and rain gear are sternly recommended for all seasons of the year.

Please stay on marked trails.

Hike with someone.  It is more fun and safer than hiking alone. If you do enjoy hiking solo, let someone know where you plan to walk or hike.

Please remember, ‘leave no trace’ and enjoy the outdoors.  Feel free to contact us with questions or comments you may have about Seneca State Forest trails, cabins, fire tower or other facilities and amenities.

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