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Start at the top of this hill between the office and lake. Take the Loop Road. The trail turns off the Loop Road and follows Thorny Creek downstream to its exit from Seneca, then climbs and loops back to the road ½ mile from starting loop point. Total distance is approximately 8 miles, with surface ranging from intermediate fire road to expert singletrack. Riders must dismount along lakeshore. Grades are moderate except for two short steep sections. Experienced riders may prefer the Little Mountain Trail as an alternate ending for this loop, which provides additional intermediate difficulty singletrack and a longer loop.


Begin at either end of the Loop Road, or at the Seneca Lake parking area. The Loop Road is 3 miles long, with moderate grades except for 2 short steep sections. You will ride nearly 5 miles to return to your car. The surface is packed earth of intermediate difficulty, and this road is open to vehicles.


Trail head at Seneca state forest
Photo courtesy of: D. Jonathan Paul

Park at the Allegheny Trailhead. Begin at the gate atop Big Thorny Mountain and descend nearly 1,000 feet in 2 miles to the village of Clover Lick, where you can cross a bridge to access the Greenbrier River Trail. The surface is grassy with a packed stone base, and is suitable for beginners and intermediate riders as long as you begin at the top. This road is closed to vehicle traffic. More experienced riders may wish to begin at the nearby Black Oak Trailhead, which is intermediate difficulty singletrack and runs somewhat parallel to the Clover Lick Road for 1 ½ miles before intersecting with it. You may them turn right and continue downhill to Clover Lick, or turn left and pedal back to your car for a loop of about 3 ½ miles.


Begin at the Allegheny Trailhead, where a small parking area is provided. Head south on the Allegheny Trail, which is partially an old fire road and partially singletrack, for about 3 miles. You will leave Seneca, enter the Boy Scout reservation and cross under a dirt road, turn right. This is the Big Mountain Road, or Kronmiller Road (turning left here will take you to Dilley's Mill on Rt. 28). Follow this road for about 2 miles to Seneca's Cabin road, where you turn right to return to your vehicle, a total distance of approximately 6 miles. Most of this route is closed to vehicle traffic and there are some nice vistas at the powerline and on the Big Mountain Road. The grade is moderate and the surface ranges from beginner to expert.


Begin at the Hilltop Trail Head near the office. Follow this to the Loop Road where you can turn left. Cross directly over Cabin Road and enter Thorny Creek Trail. Follow this for nearly a mile, then turn left on to Little Mountain Trail for the descent down to Cabin Road near the office. The total distance is about 4 miles, and the difficulty is moderate. The surface will be singletrack about 2½ miles. This loop can be lengthened considerably by adding the full Thorny Creek Trail or the Loop Road.

Mountain Biking Policies:

  • Please do not block gates when parking your vehicle.
  • Please yield to hikers.
  • Wildlife is abundant and can often be observed when you cycle quietly.
  • Please do not cycle on trails marked at the trailhead with the "bicycle slash" sign.

Email us if you would like us to mail you a trail map of Seneca State Forest.

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