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Oldest of West Virginia's state forests, Seneca borders the beautiful Greenbrier River in Pocahontas County. The forest offers pioneer guest cabins; a four(4) acre lake for trout, bass and bluegill fishing; a small campground and 11,684 acres of lush woodlands for hiking, hunting or communing with nature. The lake and forest are named after the Indian tribe which once roamed the area. Seneca's large size and modest development make it a great place to find peace and solitude.

Seneca State Forest is rural, and technology taps every so lightly for visitors and at forest office.  Communication is via a single phone line that is shared with a fax number.  When calling Seneca State Forest for tower overnight reservations,  your understanding of single conversation, and not a call center, is the tradition.  If the line is busy, give us another try. Your patience is always rewarded when you call, visit or stay at Seneca – be prepared to slow down, to relax,  and to relish the quiet, peacefulness and natural beauty of the area.

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